Deck Board Versatility 

The Fisher Deck and Dock Series randomizing embossed wood grain finish is not just attractive, it also offers a slip resistant surface that does not heat up like wood, so it remains comfortable underfoot.  Engineered for design flexibility, beauty and durability.  Available White, Almond, Pebblestone, Clay and Stone.  

Closed Picket Fencing

Accentuate your home with the clean lines and sharp angles created by the  Fisher closed picket fence system. Top rails enclose pickets to deliver a warm and elegant enclosure. Choose from a variety of pickets and post caps to add flair or simplicity to your perfect fence. Create the perfect surrounding to your home.  You simply won't find better, more attractive fencing products in the market today. Type your paragraph here.

Open Picket Straight Fencing

It is the quintessential fence – simple, yet elegant, the straight open picket fence is the symbol of a loving home. Your home should be a place where you create memories to last a lifetime. The beauty of a Fisher fence is that it is guaranteed to last as long as your memories.Create a fence that will encircle your most precious memories.  You simply won't find better, more attractive fencing products in the market today.  

Ornamental, Open-Picket Straight, Open-Picket Concave, Open-Picket Convex, Privacy, Semi-Privacy, Closed-Picket, Ranch, Painted Wood


Semi-Privacy Fencing

Sometimes, you just need a little privacy – a “soft” barrier between onlookers and your pool or play area. For instance, if you live near a busy highway, your yard or patio may be exposed to the quick glances of travelers. With a Fisher semi-private fence system, you can enjoy the advantages of light and air circulation while diverting the glances of passers by. Choose a basket weave pattern, a “Venetian blind” effect – let your imagination run wild and create your own distinctive look. You simply won't find better, more attractive fencing products in the market today. 

Each Fisher Deck and Dock System undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its aesthetic appeal and lasting structural integrity. Products are tested for weathering performance, structural performance and code compliance. All tests are done in-house and validated by accredited independent laboratories (IAS, International Accreditation Service).

The Fisher System Advantage 

Virtually maintenance free—impervious to moisture,rotting warping and termitesEnvironmentally safe
Limited lifetime transferable warranty
Superior strength and durability provides long-lasting value and performance ,No splinters, staining or painting—EVER!
Deck board fastening screws are totally hidden
Beautiful, slip-resistant wood grained surface won’t heat up like wood, so it stays comfortable underfoot
Proven value makes PRESIDIO the most practical choice.  

Add flair, personality or understated elegance to your fence with the variety of post cap options; Ball, Colonial, Flat, Gothic, Internal Flat, Arrowhead, Boy Scout, 1.5-inch Pyramid, 3-inch Dog Ear, 1.5-inch Sharp, 3-inch Sharp and 6-inch Dog Ear.  Post Cap styles are available in Clay, Stone, White, Almond and Pebblestone.  

The perfect choice for those who like options. Do you want a 6-inch board or a 12-inch board? Would you like the option to mix 6- and 12-inch profiles without purchasing two different sets of materials? With the Fisher Deck and Dock Series, the choice is as easy as flipping the board over: one side allows the option to create with 12-inch-wide boards, while the other side is uniquely grooved to create the look of more conventional 6-inch-wide boards. Use both sides to create a look that is truly unique.  You simply won’t find a more complete choice for your next decking project.  



Ornamental Fencing

For those who enjoy understated flair, Fisher Fence offers ornamental vinyl fencing with the old-world charm of wrought iron. The good news is, it will never rust. Install it and forget it. Customize your fence to suit your liking – you’re limited only by your imagination. Surround your home with the beauty only you can imagine.  You simply won't find better, more attractive fencing products in the market today.your paragraph here.

All fences don't have to look alike. A Fisher fence provides the ability to truly customize your fence to your style and environment.  From within each style, a Fisher fence system can be customized by choosing from a variety of options or simple fabrication/installation alterations, such as; colors, picket lengths, alternating picket sizes, post cap styles, number of rails, mixing colors, picket styles, accent panels, section heights, post lengths, picket spacing, section widths.  There is virtually no limit to how you can customize a Fisher vinyl fence. From a concave open-picket to a privacy fence with lattice accent and everything in between.

Painted Wood look with Durability of Vinyl  

Enjoy the character of painted wood AND the low-maintenance durability of vinyl.  Fisher’s TRUGRAIN™ Fence System is the perfect choice for those who want the best of both worlds: the look of painted wood without the constant re-painting and upkeep. Fisher’s specially engineered combination of woodgrain aesthetics, low-maintenance vinyl fencing and industry leading performance, will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Fisher’s TRUGRAIN Fence System—the natural choice for realistic woodgrain styling and outstanding performance.